Every day that you aren’t following the right steps in your pregnancy, delaying for it,
It is another day that you are further stressing out yourself and your baby!
Stop it right away and get our DVD/ ebook now!


Can I get this program before I'm pregnant or when I'm trying to get pregnant?

Is exercising safe for me and my baby while being pregnant?

Do I need a gym membership for getting this DVD set or for downloading the e-book?

How long are the workouts?

Can I do this program even if I wasn’t working out before I got pregnant?

Will this program be helpful for me if I’m overweight?

Will this book help me if I have had a c-section?

Can I follow this program if I am pregnant with twins?

Can I follow this program if I have gestational diabetes?

Can I follow this program if I have had a miscarriage?

If I purchase the DVD, will I get I have to purchase the e-book too?

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